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Iowa State Makes Stupid Mistakes, Lets One Slip Against Colorado 75-72

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And it's all because of free throws. ISU dominated on the offensive glass (17 to 3), kept the turnovers low (7 on the game), and loses. Actually, ISU had the edge in 3 of the 4 factors to winning (OReb%, TO%, and FT%), and still lost. Why?

Free throw and three point shooting. ISU went 12/21 from the Free Throw line. Had they shot a respectable percentage, they would have had 3 or 4 more points at least! With the three point shooting, ISU went 4 of 14. Now, I get that we don't have any good 3 point shooters, so why the heck take so many attempts from there?

This game was over when ISU was down by 2, having success driving and getting the offensive rebounds, and Brackins decides to jack up a 3 with plenty of time on the shot clock to spare. Why? He isn't a good 3 point shooter, and was struggling shooting those long two pointers.

Had ISU played a little bit smarter they could have won. Typical story of the season for ISU.

11th place in the Big 12. I watched Kentucky vs. Tennessee earlier today, and it's laughable the disparity we have with the good teams in this nation.

Stupid mistakes cost this team a win, again, and again, and again.

I put this in the gamethread, but I'll post it again: what the heck does McDermott tell these guys during timeouts prior to the inbounds play? Why wouldn't ISU call a timeout once DG crossed the midcourt line to setup a decent looking shot. Because, I know that dribble around, lean in, shot was NOT what was drawn up.