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Iowa State Loses To Baylor In Embarrassing, Formulaic Fashion

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Not going to lie. I am pissed. This team lost almost all of the respect I had for them tonight. In the last 5 minutes of the game, they flat out gave up. Baylor alley-ooping and ISU guys just watching them do it. I can root for a team that plays hard but loses. I cannot root for one that stops trying.

McDermott, please pack your bags, and quit associating yourself with a school and team I once was proud of. The people of Ames and fans of ISU deserve much better. There won't be a better time than next year to blow this all up and end it now

How often have we seen this: ISU plays well for 1 half, but allows an early run in another half that ends up being the difference in the game? Yep, that's right. We've seen it against almost every team in the Big 12.

ISU plays even with Baylor in the 1st half. Baylor goes on a couple of larger runs in the 2nd half, and we end up sucking it up.

This team has no answers. They don't play hard consistently, they aren't improving, and our coaching staff cannot devise a plan for the 2nd half, that allows for them to gain an advantage.

We started this game well, and I was feeling good about our chances. Baylor kicks it up a couple notches, makes a couple of defensive and offensive adjustments, and we lose by double digits. We gave up too many easy shots defensively, slacked off on our rebounding in the 2nd half, and failed to get the shots to fall in the 2nd half. We also turned it over a few extra times in the 2nd half as well. All a recipe for a bad loss, against an athletic, offensive team.

If you shoot worse, and rebound worse, most times you are going to lose the game.

In my mind, this game was ISU's last chance to make the postseason: you get to play a ranked team on the road in an arena where there really isn't a homecourt advantage, against a team that has a rep for underperforming at times, coming off a huge emotional win, and this is the best we can do.

It would be more tolerable if we were improving, but we just are not.

It doesn't get any easier as we play K-State at home on Saturday. It's a pink out, so pink it up.