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Kansas State Preview

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Well, here's the preview: K-State is better than us, and going to whoop us by 20+ points. They are athletic, physical, and going to cause havoc for our guys. They are going to force a bunch of turnovers, cause us to foul them a ton, and it could get pretty ugly.

So my plan is to pretty much watch Frank Martin all game, for entertainment. He doesn't get too crazy, but he's good for yelling at his own players and/or the refs a couple of times per game.

Who knows? Maybe K-State will play down to us, like they tend to do at Hilton, and the outcome isn't so bad...

It's a pink out for brest cancer. Cyclone Alley is going to be wearing pink (I believe), along with the players wearing white jerseys with a pink outline, pink shoes, and a ball with a pink Nike Swoosh on it. You can see how it looks here.

I wish I could say that I thought this would be a fun game, or better yet, that it's a game we could win. But honestly, there's nothing ISU has shown us over the past month and a half to show us that this team is ready for a tough matchup. Flat out giving up in the 2nd half against Baylor just a couple days ago didn't help their cause though.

Oh well. I'll be there. For those that cannot make it, the game will be on ESPN2. Game tips at 1pm CST.