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Monday ISU Basketball Thoughts

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To all of you in Central Iowa, experiencing this snow storm, how much does this suck? I mean, it's the 3rd or 4th major storm. Kids have never had so many snow days here, it's crazy. Just hoping all of you are safe, and can get out of this weather!

Last weekend was a bit of a disappointment from the basketball team. When they continue to play the same way over and over, and continue to make the same mistakes over and over, it's tough to keep things interesting. I think for these last 8 Big 12 games, I'm going to devise a drinking game to play, because honestly, it might be the only way to keep this season interesting....

I heard a guy call into a local radio station, asking what he thought the chances were for ISU to win this week. He gave 2% @ KU, and less than 5% @ Mizzou. Well, this guy obviously doesn't know about, where you can look up these sorts of things!

According to Pomeroy, we've got a 9% chance to win @ Mizzou, and 3% chance to win @ KU. Going back to my probability classes in school, I believe that would give us about a 0.27% chance of going 2-0, and an 88% chance of going 0-2... Not much of a suprise, but an attempt to make what looks to be a rough week sound interesting!

The Des Moines Register reported that Gilstrap is leaning towards coming back next year, provided the NCAA grant him an additional year. Great.... Now we can have another year of "what if" scenarios, if the NCAA rules against it.

Don't get me wrong, I would love to have 'Quis next year, and he could use another year at this level. I'm just not going to get too excited until we hear from the NCAA. Since we aren't a powerhouse, I don't expect the news to be good, but hopefully the trend reverses for ISU.

Doing a quick look at the Big 12 teams, it looks like we'll get 6 teams in the conference, with probably the 7th and 8th teams going NIT. My man Chris (resident Bracketologist for SBN) at Blogging The Bracket has 6 teams for the Big 12 as well, so I'm not really saying anything groundbreaking.

But while mathematically being in the running for the NIT, when you look at the schedule ahead, I can't find more than 2 more conference wins, with in my opinion the most likely scenario is winning one more. Either way, and I hate to say this, but I'm already counting down the days until the first pitch for the Minnesota Twins. Wish I wasn't, but that's the reality of this winter.

Tomorrow, I'll try to do a legit preview of the Missouri game, and we'll have the Open Thread and myself commenting on here during the game as well.