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Revolving Door Continues For Men's Basketball: Hamilton and Buckley Gone

McDermott issued a release confirming Craig Brackins' departure to the NBA (no surprise there), along with Buckley transferring (not a big suprise there) and Hamilton (a larger surprise).

With Buckley, the writing was on the wall. Even when Colvin was suspended, I don't know if he played more than 10 minutes a game. I think he's a good player, and he'll do some nice things. I don't really understand why it didn't work out, but I haven't been able to see much of him to know.

With Hamilton, I have mixed feelings on. He improved a lot this year, and he gets props for that. I'm still not sold that he's a Big 12 starter. It's going to hurt our depth a lot in the front court, and I really would like to see guys come in their freshmen year, develop for 4 years.

People talk about wanting to build the program the "right way". I'm down with that too. Problem is, you actually have to keep your players to do that. Yet again, we are going to have an almost completley new look to our team.

I hope McDermott and his staff can work on player relationships, or find someone they can add to their staff to help in that department. I want to support the program, but this is almost laughable (and not in a good way).