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I'm Going All Jay Leno

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So, the executives have met and the sheer numbers have spoken. Despite increased views and hits for CloneChronicles since my departure, I will be returning at the 10 PM slot here to take back what is rightfully mine.....

No, not really.

But, Mark and I have been talking a bit, and we decided I'd hop back on CloneChronicles as an occasional columnist and author. With a rare bit of free time over Spring Break, I'd like to write a couple of posts, but we'll see. I'll be sort of an author emeritus, if you will. I missed writing about Iowa State athletics, and while I certainly can't be back in the role I was before (due to a lack of free time and a job and school and whatnot) I'm going to be back in some small way.

Let me know if there's anything you all would like to see out of me upon my return, and thanks again to Mark for letting this happen.