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Who You Got? 2nd Round Weekend Edition

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Open thread for anyone wanting to weigh in on the NCAA Tournament. This thread will be used for both Saturday AND Sunday. I'm going to weigh in here with my thoughts and you can also find me on Twitter (@Mark_Kieffer for me, @CloneChronicles for the blog in general) too.

Saturday Teams I Want To Win: St. Mary's, Butler, Ohio, Kansas, Washington, Baylor, BYU, and Wake Forest

Now, in my bracket, I didn't have St. Mary's, Ohio, UNI, Washington, or Wake Forest advance, but others did, and the teams they are playing I have losing by the Sweet 16 or Elite Eight.

Sunday Teams I Want To Win: Gonzaga, Ohio St, Maryland, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Xavier, A&M, and Duke

A much less upset kind of a rooting day than Saturday. But that's the way the scheduling goes. I want to get some of my Elite Eight and Final Four teams right.

My Elite Eight is all still alive: Kansas, Ohio St, Syracuse, BYU, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Duke, and Baylor. Only reason why I want Gonzaga over Syracuse is because someone I'm playing with has them cutting down the nets, and I'd like to see them eliminated!

How's your bracket looking going into the 2nd round, and who are you rooting for today and tomorrow?