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Twister Sisters Whoop Up Lehigh 79 - 42, Face Green Bay In Second Round

While I was happy that the Cyclones took care of Lehigh, Green Bay vs. Virginia stole the show. If you didn't catch it, it was one of those games where Green Bay took a double digit lead, only to see it practice deplete during the last few minutes. Also, Green Bay's two best players fouled out, and the game came down to a final possession. A lot of fun, from two teams I had no interest or stake in.

With the Cyclones, it was kind of a typical game. They jump out to an exciting lead to start the way, and the rest of the game is a snoozer. Lehigh was one of the worst shooting teams I have ever seen in my life. They got a lot of open looks, but couldn't knock down shots. For ISU, if they had faced a good jump shooting team, this would've been closer. There were a lot of silly mistakes made, as I'm sure there were some nerves there.

But now the attention turns to Green Bay. Green Bay has a good forward in #42, and a good point guard in #4. #4 is the smallest player on the team, but she's really scrappy, and does pretty much everything (including post up). As a whole, Green Bay plays tough defense. What really got them going against Virginia was making huge stops and having that defense fuel their offense. They were also very sound with rebounding and boxing out.

While I think ISU has more talent, if Green Bay shows up on Tuesday night with the same effort, it's going to be a tough one. Green Bay brought down about a section's worth of fans, and they got pretty loud at times. I'm really looking forward to the game. Should be a lot of fun.

Game tips off at 8:30pm on Tuesday, and you can watch on ESPN2.