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Catching Up On ISU Spring Football, And Why Can't We Scrimmage Another Team?

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Before I get into this too much, I don't want to be misunderstood. I like the game of football. I enjoy the fall, love watching the games, and it's an exciting time of year. With that said, Spring Football just takes the back burner to me for the most part. I love March Madness, and I love the start of baseball season, so I focus most of my time on College Basketball and MLB.

Last spring was the first time I went to the ISU Spring Game. As a student, there was always something going on with me that weekend, and then 2 years ago it was on my Wedding Day. To be politically correct, the Spring Game just isn't for me. If the weather is nice, and you're looking for something to do, then by all means go for it.

With that said, other than the Josh Lenz injury (which people have said he's fine), I haven't heard much of anything. So I Google, and has pretty much everything I need:

Depth Chart:

The big move is Ben Lamaak moves from RG to C, taking over Reggie Stephens. Blankenshipe and James White are listed behind A-Rob, but I want to see what the Depth Chart looks like when Shontrelle gets on campus. The linebacking corps is completley gone, but the guys listed on the Depth Chart for now aren't a shock at all. Again, some of this stuff is semi-interesting, but the game is completely changed when the Freshmen come.

I think the biggest questionmark is WR at the moment, and we as fans won't know what we have until Chris Young, Jarvis West, and Albert Gary come on campus.

Practice Videos and Multimedia:

If you want to get more info for what's going on, and see how some of the guys are looking, along with what the players and coaches are thinking, you have to check out the multimedia. I have to give a lot of props for putting more and more things out there accessible for the fan to read. In years past, this kind of information wasn't as freely available and concise as it used to be. The fans fan more and more exposure, and this provides a central location in getting all of the needed information.

Injury News, (all of which was found here via Bobby La Gesse):

  • Jerome Tiller had his knee scoped and has missed the last week or so of practices. They are still thinking he was going to be able to take part in practices at the tail end.
  • Rashawn Parker, back after getting a medical redshirt, has not participated in any kind of physical contact while he continues to recover from the ACL Tear he suffered.
  • Bailey Johnson has been getting over a broken foot which he experienced in the Bowl Game. It isn't determined when he will be back.
  • Bo Williams, the most famous bench player in ISU history, suffered a concussion during the offseason and has been getting over that.

My take with these injuries is that while they suck, it's part of the game. With football you have so many guys, you are bound to have a few that get banged up along the way. Get these guys healthy, give them some mental reps and the conditioning work they can do, and the rest will take care of itself when fall camp opens.

Now, all of this above stuff is old news. I realize that. If you've been following hardcore, I apologize. But if you're someone like me, looking to get caught up on what's going on with ISU Football, hopefully the above information and links help you out.

While I do bag on the Spring Practices from the fan's perspective, I do think it's great from a players and coaches perspective.

I just wish that the Spring Game was more fun for the fans. Why can't the guys suit up against Drake or UNI? They could still institute the no hitting of QBs and what not, but it would at least give the fans a side to cheer for.

When it's ISU vs. ISU, fans are confused. It honestly feels like going to a little league game where everyone gets a ribbon for participating, and there are no losers. QB makes a big play, people cheer. QB gets picked off by a good play from the DB, people cheer. If you do the Spring Game for the fans, why not give them something slightly more compelling to watch, rather than seeing our guys play against each other?