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ISU And McDermott Finally Get That Signature Win Over #5 K-State, 85-82 In OT

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My thoughts about the game:

First and foremost, I love the fact that the time we finally pull off a big upset, it's K-State.

Secondly, there were so many times when I thought this game would end unfavorably for ISU. Some of them were: When ISU was up by 3 with just under 4:00 left, Brackins fouling out, K-State's final possession in regulation with 22 seconds left, when the game went into OT

Seriously though, did any Cyclone fans think we were going to pull it off? We had seen this show 12 previous times this season in conference play only to come up short. I texted my friend with like 30 seconds left saying I thought we'd pull it off, and I figured I had just jinxed the team!

Who would've thought we'd have a conference game where our eFG% was 16% higher than the #5 team in the nation?

Is it just me, or does K-State complain too much? I mean, they're a physical team, and foul a ton, but every time they're called, they look so "shocked". I'd just prefer if the guys would just shut up and just play some ball. There are times when some of our guys do it, and I hate it then as well. Just surprised to see K-State so frustrated with calls

I've ripped our team a lot, but they get a lot of credit for not mailing in what has been in awful season. They continued to show some fight. Most teams would not be working as hard as these guys are. The guys got a little bit lucky today, but when you work hard, you're in position to take advantage of a situation where a team isn't giving their all.

Other than giving McDermott a signature win for the program, this win does little in the scheme of things. K-State is still a Sweet 16 team, and ISU is still one of the worst in the conference. We could have really used a win like this earlier in the season, when there would be time to build some confidence and try to salvage an NIT berth. I guess it's better late than never though.