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Big 12 Coaches Continue To Be Silly About All-Big 12 Awards

You can see the breakdown of awards here.

Here are my essential gripes:

  1. Marquis Gilstrap was the ONLY player in the Big 12 to average a double-double in conference play (15.3 points, 10.3 rebounds) and gets honorable mention??? Doesn't even get on the Rookie Team? Being the 11th best scorer and best rebounder in the league just isn't good enough huh? How does a guy get Newcomer Of The Week 6 times during the season, and NOT get on one of those teams?
  2. While I'm happy for Brackins getting on the 2nd team, he did not belong there, along with Marcus Morris. 12 points and 6 rebounds a game? Don't the coaches see that 5 of those 6 rebounds are him rebounding his own missed shot and putting it back?
  3. Aldrich being defensive player is just flat out B.S. The guy didn't lead the league in blocks (Udoh did), and he only played 26 minutes/game! Higgins averaged 2 steals a game. I'd much rather see it go to a guard that can cause turnovers, than a big guy who sits on the bench for 35% of the game.

But at the end of the day, the coaches don't really know. They aren't watching many of the games, nor are they really keeping track of other team's stats. They watch a lot of film of team's they are preparing for, so they have a different take on them.

The individual awards, I'd have to agree with the rest (other than defensive player of the year).  I'm happy that such a standup guy like James Anderson has had a great year, and getting recognition he's deserved for a while.