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When Baton Rouge Is Closer To Utah Than Ames

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So Justin Hamilton left ISU because he wanted to be closer to home.

I guess Justin didn't really study geography much, or lives in a very different world than I do:


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Confused? Justin Hamilton announced on Facebook that he's going to LSU. Still confused? Me too!

Now before anyone takes this too seriously, I get that Justin is leaving for reasons other than being closer to home. It's probably more with the losing and coaching staff. I just wish these guys had more stones to tell us the truth, rather than taking the easy way out.

Is Justin Hamilton replaceable? Very much so. 6 points and 5 rebounds shouldn't be tough to find. Thing is, that Justin is going to have a year off, and will benefit greatly from that extra year in practice. It just says a lot about McDermott's era in which he can get the kind of guy on campus that represents everything McDermott is about, and just bails on the program.

But Cyclones Basketball in the Spring has been nothing but a disaster. Next year, hopefully we can skip April and May, and go straight to August.