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What Are You Most Looking Forward To At The Spring Game?

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Heading into the Spring Game, and into this next season, there are a ton of questionmarks about this football team. Obviously many will want to see the progress of players at the Spring Game to see if there is anything they can derive about the team, heading into the fall.

To my knowledge, these are the big things people are looking forward to:

  • How Austen Arnaud and Jerome Tiller look
  • WRs corps (can Darks, Sed Johnson, and Darius Reynolds live to the hype?)
  • LB corps battle, having to replace all the starters
  • The battle at DT (Jake McDonough vs. Austin Alburtis and Taylor Mansfield)
  • Ben Lamaak replacing Reggie Stephens at C 
  • Who will be the #2 guy behind A-Rob heading into the Fall (Beau, James White, Jeff Woody)
  • Being at Jack Trice Stadium, taking in the (hopefully) nice weather, doing a little bit of tailgating, and watching some form of football being played

Those are pretty much what people are going to talk about and be looking at. Undoubtley there will be mentions of Bo Williams, the most famous ISU player with 1 career run, as well.

You guys know where I stand about the Spring Game, but I'm curious where you stand? What are you looking most forward to? Is it one of the above, or are there things I'm leaving out? If you want to drop some knowledge on how to make the Spring Game a blast, do that too!