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Cyclones Miss on Recruiting Targets

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A number of possible recruits for the 2010 ISU men's basketball class have chosen different schools recently. Andre Clark has decided to go to TCU, Oto Osenieks will head to Minnesota, and WIll Clyburn has chosen Utah. ISU is still waiting to hear the status of Bo Barnes, who will decide between Hawaii and ISU. When it comes down to the already-committed but kinda not-so-much John Wilkins - your guess is as good as mine. 

As of now, the Cyclones will go into the 2010-2011 season with four open scholarship slots. One of these has been rumored to possibly go to Bubu Palo, but there is still a lot of questions marks, especially including rumors that Laron Dendy and Antwon Oliver are also possibilities to not be around in the fall.

At this point, I guess I would expect ISU to take a guard (possibly Barnes), a big and a transfer, while possibly banking a scholarship for the future.