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More Men's Basketball Notes

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It's Thursday - NFL Draft night - but I know that what you really want to read about is Iowa State men's basketball. Here's some news and notes:


  • Bo Barnes, a recruit that I wanted as a pure shooter off the bench, has signed with Hawai'i.
  • Iowa State has hired Iowa Energy head coach Nick Nurse as associate head coach. Nurse has won wherever he's been, from Grand View (IA) to Britain. He's known as a quality skills coach that can also help players prepare for the pros. Really a quality hire for Greg McDermott.
  • A quality recruit Iowa State is involved with is Anthony Bennett, regarded as one of the top Canadian big men out there. Ivan Chirieav, he's probably not.
  • Gotta love when we're used as justification not to expand the NCAA Tournament
  • It cryptically seems like Jeff Grayer may just fill the other assistant coach's spot.