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McDermott/Creighton LinkDump

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Since this is the biggest news story to hit Iowa State men's basketball for at least a couple of hours....I've got this thread open and will update it with the latest on the McDermott to Creighton rumors. Also follow us on Twitter, and we'll try and keep you updated. 

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McDermott Contacted for Creighton Job [4/25 10:27 PM]
ABC5 Sports has learned that Creighton University has contacted ISU head men's basketball coach Greg McDermott to take over their men's basketball team.

Creighton has contacted Greg McDermott.  - WOI reports that Creighton has contacted Iowa State head coach Greg McDermott. That's probably the last news we'll hear until tomorrow.

 McDermott/CU Information on ABC 5 News at 10 - CycloneFanatic [4/25 9:49 PM]
ABC 5 will be providing more information on the Greg McDermott to Creighton rumors tonight during their 10 o'clock sportscast. 


• - Rasmussen in Des Moines Tonight [4/25 8:50 PM]

KXNO's Matt Perrault is trying to link Creighton AD Bruce Rasmussen's night in West Des Moines tonight with Greg McDermott. Of course, Rasmussen could simply just love the Drake Relays.

• McDermott to Creighton? [4/25 8:30 PM]
This link from WOI has started fanning the flames. Why is this rumor any more credible than any other? Don't forget that WOI's sports director is none other than the Voice of the Cyclones, John Walters. Hard to imagine this gains traction without him OK'ing it.