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Greg McDermott Headed to Creighton

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Greg McDermott is expected to notify his team this afternoon that he is leaving Iowa State to take the head coaching job at Creighton.

In what has progressed INSANELY quickly on a dreary Sunday in Ames, Action 3 News out of Omaha (per the Rivals site, at least) has reported that Greg McDermott has left Iowa State to become the head basketball coach at Creighton. Reported 10 year, $9 million deal. WOI reports that he was simply offered the job, and CloneChronicles has confirmed that with a number of sources, but only a few sources are running with him accepting the position.

UPDATE As of this morning, there are multiple reports saying that McDermott has been offered the job, but has yet to accept. The general consensus is he will accept today. Nothing will really change until a news conference, or a guy like John Walters breaks that he accepts the job. That being said, there seems like no possible way Greg McDermott is coaching Iowa State after this weekend.

UPDATE (Mark Kieffer): Some quotes from the Des Moines Register:

Charles Boozer:

"I don’t have any idea what’s going on — I just heard about it, that coach Mac might be leaving....

...It’s terrible. I hope it doesn’t happen."

LaRon Dendy:

"If he does decide to go it will open a lot of open eyes, not in a good way....

...We’re a family and you don’t leave your family behind. Daniyal Robinson left recently and he recruited me. Now if coach Mac leaves, it will leave a hole in me."


UPDATE (Mark Kieffer): 4/26/10 3:16 PM: WOI is reporting via Twitter that Mac has called for a players meeting. Likely to inform them he's taking the job at Creighton.