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Way Too Early Candidate List

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Just throwing some names out there to get the ball rolling....

Nick Nurse, Iowa Energy Head Coach

Sort of on staff right now, sort of still head coach of the Iowa Energy. Great coach and would be a damn good fit for the job, except he REALLY comes up short on D1 experience. 

Steve Forbes, Tennessee Assistant

An early favorite for the Iowa job, would Forbes settle for Iowa State if Pollard came calling?

Billy Gillispie, Former Kentucky Head Coach

If you want Division I experience and a proven winner, Gillispie is your guy. He also comes with a lot of baggage.

Greg Gard, Wisconsin Assistant

You had to figure a Bo Ryan assistant would be connected to this job. But is there any actual interest?

Brian Gregory, Dayton Head Coach

Supposedly told Iowa to wait until his season was over to talk. Iowa didn't want to wait. Does Gregory want to make the jump to the Big 6?

Tim Jankovich, Illinois State Head Coach

Up and coming Valley coach has been everywhere around the Midwest. Does ISU give him his chance at a big job?

Mark Montgomery, Michigan State Assistant

A big favorite of Cyclone fans, Montgomery has to be one of the top assistants on Pollard's short list.

Randy Rahe, Weber State Head Coach

A guy who has my attention - he's been kicking ass and taking names at Weber State. An Iowa native that went to school at BV and has worked  under some quality coaches out west. Keep an eye on Rahe.


It's not like it's every year we get to have a coaching search or anything.....oh wait. Anyways, we'll try and keep you abreast of the coaching search at CloneChronicles. I'll try and get a widget going with top candidates as well. On one hand, it's horrible timing to hire a coach. On the other hand, when the next biggest competition you have to beat out for a coaching candidate is Rutgers, things could be slightly worse.