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Fred Hoiberg: Stroke of Genius or Kneejerk Reaction?

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I didn't believe it. Not one bit. The Mayor is coming back to Ames? Really?

It's a dream come true for many a Cyclone fan. Fred Hoiberg and Iowa State basketball were already forever entwined. But is he ready to coach major college basketball?

Jamie Pollard has put his job on the line today. Just 24 hours after Greg McDermott officially took the job at Creighton, Pollard decided Hoiberg was the best fit for Iowa State. From a marketing and ticket sales standpoint, it's a nobrainer. Iowa State will experience a massive jump in season ticket sales based on Fred's name alone. But the move brings with it a massive risk. Hoiberg has ZERO coaching experience, and is a guy who's own job may have been in jeopardy with the Minnesota Timberwolves.

I love Fred Hoiberg with all my heart. The man IS Iowa State basketball - about a thousand times moreso than one could consider Dan McCarney or Paul Rhoads to be Iowa State football. I'm pulling for him like crazy - it'd be awesome to see him succeed. We just have no idea if he can coach. Or recruit. Or lead a team.

Was Pollard trying to copy his own "hometown boy" hire of Paul Rhoads? You have to think so. Let's hope it works out. I'm not against the hire. But mark me down as firmly undecided. When you hire a guy with no experience in this sort of timeframe, you're taking a risk. And boy, is this a big one.