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Will They Stay or Will They Go Now?

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So, who's going to be sticking around and who's on the way out? Let's keep track, ya know, for funsies. 


TJ Otzelberger: Staying as associate head coach
Nick Nurse: Leaving 
Jeff Grayer: Staying
Jeff Rutter: Unknown
Bryan Petersen (GA):  Unknown



Charles Boozer: Staying
Scott Christopherson: Expected to stay
Laron Dendy: Staying
Alex Dorr: Unknown/Expected to leave prior to coaching change
Diante Garrett: Expected to stay
Antwon Oliver: Expected to stay
Bubu Palo: Expected to Stay
Jamie Vanderbeken: Expected to stay



Melvin Ejim: Coming to ISU
Demarcus Phillips: Coming to ISU
Jordan Railey: Coming to ISU
Calvin Godfrey: Unknown
Eric McKnight: Coming to ISU
Elgin Cook: Unknown
Wesley Staten: Unknown