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Looking For Some Help On Clone Chronicles

If you love the Cyclones (particularly football), and want to do some writing, I could really use your help on this site.

Writing on a SBNation blog is an honor, and while it doesn't pay much, it can expose you to some prominent readers, provided you put out quality work. I've had my posts linked by ESPN, CBSSports, SI, along with the front page. If you look around on the network, there are a lot of big time bloggers like those at Spencer Hall and Holly Anderson at And I know Cyclone Fans don't want to hear it, but Black Heart Gold Pants (Iowa), and Rock M Nation (Mizzou) are arguably the best blogs on the network as well.  You'd get to network and work alongside some great writers.

There's no agenda or anything like that. If you disagree with me 100% of the time, that's fine. What we really want is quality content. We give opinions here, but the opinons are open. All you have to do is provide some solid reasoning, and it's all good. There's no role to play, you just gotta be you. I have had readers ask me about this stuff via e-mail, and I wanted to clear that up a bit. We have complete freedom in our opinions, as long as we aren't breaking any laws, or crossing any ethical lines.

There are things going on with my personal life and interests that will see me in a reduced capacity on Clone Chronicles. If you've wanted to not only write, but help with running a site, this could be your chance.

If you're interested, respond to me at and we'll go from there. If you have any questions feel free to include in the comments, or to email me those as well.