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ISU MBB Coach Robinson to Houston

Hello Readers,
I'm going to be working with Mark to deliver content on CloneChronicles.  SBNation is a great organization and I think having a top-flight blog about our favorite team on this network is something that is good for Iowa State.  I hope I can provide content to supplement what Mark has been doing well for a while now.  I wish my first post was on something a little more cheery however.

Coach Robinson will be leaving to take the head assistant job at the University of Houston under new coach James Dickey.  Hopefully this announcement has no impact on the recruitment of Bo Barnes and Andre Clark who are visiting Iowa State today.  We could really use their services for next year.

However, this does eliminate any chance at our 2011 top target Chasson Randle, we lose his recruiting inroads in the Chicago and Illinois region, and the transfer rumors swirling about Chris Colvin will probably heat up again.  Overall just a bad time for it to happen with the recruits in town today but that can't be helped.  If the rumors are true about Nick Nurse being the new assistant coach to fill Rutter's spot, hopefully he can land another experienced assistant like that. Certainly more will be revealed in the coming days and we'll keep up to date with the search.