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Iowa State Men's Basketball Going Forward.....

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With today's addition of Anthony Odunsi as a 2011 recruit, and the recent signing of 2010 commit Calvin Godfrey to a letter of intent, now seems like as good of a time as any to look at our recruiting situation and scholarship situation going forward. As of right now, coach Fred Hoiberg has 10 scholarship recruits to go along with two assumed walkons going into the 2010-11 campaign...

Looking at the upcoming season:


Assumed to be back for sure: F LaRon Dendy, F Jamie Vanderbeken, G Diante Garrett, G Scott Christopherson, G Bubu Palo (walkon)

- Three of these guys are seniors (which means, haha, you can't go elsewhere!) and Christopherson would lose a year of eligibility with another transfer. I suppose these guys could go Division II, but that's not too incredibly likely. All four scholarship players should be major contributors next year, with all having a chance at starting. Palo has become a message board legend, but until he actually plays meaningful minutes, he's still suspect.

Expected to leave: G Antwon Oliver

- Oliver redshirted last year and very well may never play a minute as a Cyclone. Long rumored to be a casualty due to illness, he's expected to either transfer to another school or quit basketball altogether. Just don't count on him to be a Cyclone.

Joining the squad: G Demarcus Phillips, F Melvin Ejim, C Jordan Railey, F Eric McKnight, F Calvin Godfrey, G Kody Ingle (walkon)

- This is just a preliminary list, as Iowa State could probably bering in another three players, but it's an intriguing list nonetheless. Phillips, the one scholarship guard, should see lots of time as a JUCO contributor at one of the three guard spots. Ejim and Godfrey both have bodies ready to compete in the Big 12, with Ejim, the New Hampshire Gatorade basketball player of the year, an early favorite to get minutes at the 3 or 4. McKnight is the more heralded of the two  big bodies forwards (to go along with Godfrey), but he may need to continue to put on size. Railey would probably benefit from a redshirt year, but will likely will play right away. Ingle became a favorite in the state during the State tournament, and is the source of a pretty neat story, but will likely be at the end of the bench.

Needs: Guard depth

- With as many as four scholarships still open, Coach Hoiberg has space to add someone if needed, but chances are he may bank a scholarship or two. That being said, it may be realistic to take a JUCO point guard or shooting guard if they make sense. Accepting a transfer such as Grant Gibbs or Kevin Noreen may also be a possibility.

OK, so will they be worth a crap? Tough to tell.

- Iowa State basketball has been tough to watch for a long time, and this fall likely won't be any different. The staff must hope they can catch lightning in a bottle with a couple of recruits. An NIT berth would be absolute gold - but as long as they can avoid falling to what Oregon State had become, and progress is shown through the year, most people will be happy.