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What I Learned This Week: Patience

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Welcome to a new addition to a brand new feature we're going to have on Clone Chronicles all summer! I'm sure you're pumped about it! It's called "What I Learned This Week", and it will post on Sunday mornings like this very one.

My lesson of the week, is that patience is a mofo. For real. I mean, when this Big 10 expansion/conference realignment stuff hit the fan, I really freaked out. I mean really freaked out. Like ISU was going to be in the MAC, and it was all going down in the next few days, kind of freaking out. I figured this was the beginning of the end of Iowa State. And who knows? I mean, we could very well NOT be a BCS team anymore. But then I stepped away, sat in a dark, secluded corner for a week, and after days of constant meditation, I started to think.... Yeah, that's right. Think.

When I look at the NCAA Tournament revisions, we all figured there would be 96 teams. EVERYONE was talking about it. The coaches liked it, your run-of-the-mill radio talk show host liked it, and the TV networks were loving it. EVERYONE was saying how OBVIOUS it was that it was going to 96 teams. That the NCAA hated running the NIT, so they were just going to make 1 big tournament. Seemed to make sense to me. But what did we end up getting? 3 more play-in games, and better TV coverage. Now as a fan, I love it, but nobody saw this as a real option. So why did it not work out? Because these bodies are wusses. They don't make big changes, they do small incremental ones.

In reality, have you ever seen a large, bureaucratic group undergo massive overhauls quickly? I know I haven't. Just look at the government. 

It's obvious the Big 10 will expand, but I really question whether this is going to cause some domino effect that changes the entire landscape of college football. Could it happen? Yes, but it may take a while. It isn't easy to just relocate teams to different conferences like it's nothing. Maybe 5-10 years from now we see more movement. By then, maybe ISU is more competitive, and looks at least somewhat attractive to have in a BCS superconference or something like that. With that, I'm going to wait it out. I think the Big 12 is going to be OK (even if Colorado, Nebraska, and Mizzou leave). But whatever goes down, I think it's going to show us if we have as good of an AD as I think we do.

And if it doesn't turn out that way, you know we're going to bring the drama, like only we could... Because you know, without some drama, life can be so stale...

Do you know what else I learned this week? That being a Cavs fan, might be actually be more miserable than being an Iowa State fan.... At least for the next couple of months it might be.