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Iowa State Basketball Picks Up Penn State Transfer Chris Babb

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Rounding out a busy Cyclones newsday, Fred Hoiberg and his staff has landed Penn State Guard Chris Babb. Babb just finished his sophomore year, started 23 of the 31 games he played in this past year. He averaged about 9 points, 3 rebounds, and 2 assists, in about 30 minutes per game.

The guy is mostly an outside shooter, having taken about 79% of his attempts from beyond the arc. He's a good free throw shooter (81% last year),  something the Cyclones could use more of, but the minus-side is when you're taking a lot of outside shots, you don't get to the line much.

Statistically, I think his production will be similar to Lucca's but with more ability to drive, and better rebounding ability.  He looks more athletic than Lucca was. If one looks at his game log from 2010, you see games where he's scoring in double digits, even in the 20s, and others where he's scoring 0 or 2/3 points. I haven't seen him play, as I didn't watch any Penn State basketball this past year, but from reading online, he seems capable of engineering some runs if he can get in a groove.

Babb is originally a native from Arlington, TX. He was a 3 star recruit (per Rivals), and was originally offered by Penn State, Iowa, Iowa State, Bradley, Oral Roberts, Illinios State, South Alabama, and TCU. 

Because of transfer rules, Babb will have to redshirt the 2010-11 season, and will have 2 years of eligibilty from the 2011-12 season and onward.