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Cyclones Pick Up Transfer Who Can Play Right Away

The new additions to the Cyclones continue. Darion (Jake) Anderson, a guard out of Chicago, transfers from Northern Illinois, with 1 year of eligibility left. While Anderson did struggle offensively at times for the Huskies last year (particularly from beyond the arc), he had a DR% of 18% last year, which is pretty high for a guard. He would have been the third best defensive rebounder last year at that rate.

Overall, I think this a great move for the Cyclones. Having lost Boozer, the Cyclones need more guard depth coming off the bench. Anderson is the 6th new addition for the Cyclones. The Cyclones now have 12 scholarships filled for 2010, with one scholarship open. They have the option of banking it, trying to find yet another player, or giving a scholarship to Palo. Personally, I'd rather they bank the scholarship, but we will see. This weekend, I will upload a new scholarship chart that shows how it all looks.

You can read more about Anderson here. He sounds like a guy who really wants to make an impact and help the younger teammates get going.