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Quick Thoughts on ESPN's Big 12 Spring Wrap Up

Overall an interesting read about all of Big 12 teams. This David Ubben cat doesn't hate Iowa State as much as he was probably trained to do in the orientation videos. He has Alexander Robinson as a rising star in the league. As I said when the All-Big 12 awards were handed out, he was screwed in not getting selected. Hopefully A-Rob has a healthy year and gets the recognition around the league that he has earned. Plus he's from Minneapolis. How can one NOT love this guy??

Also, Ubben has ISU power ranked as 9th in the conference thus far. I've got to give him props for that as well. Usually the progniscators will put ISU last, with Baylor and Colorado rated wayyy too high. My only qualm, is that I'd probably have Kansas 12th, Baylor 11th, and Colorado 10th. But it doesn't really matter too much at this point.

Over on the right hand side of the page, there are team-by-team reports, that give a high level look of each team. Since I don't follow any of the other teams that closely, it's hard for me to say how accurate these are. As far as the ISU write-up, I think the D-Line is more of a concern than just saying "defense".  We have a good enough secondary to have a decent defense, provided we can get a pass rush and stop the run (big ifs at this point). 

I'll get more into what I think about the other teams as we get closer to the fall, and the football guides come out. I'm just liking what Ubben is doing thus far. It's a big step up from Tim Griffin. Props to him.