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ISU Cautiously Optimistic About Big 12's Survival

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Iowa State officials are "cautiously optimistic" about the survival of the Big 12.

Sources surrounding and inside the Iowa State athletics department are now lending credence to the notion that the Big 12 will survive. CloneChronicles has worked to discuss the situation with a number of people connected and inside the department, and while nothing is certainly close to finished, "cautious optimism" seems to be the general feeling.

The situation remains very fluid, but the tide started to shift yesterday when it became clear that nearly every remaining Big 12 athletics director wanted to work towards the survival of the conference. The stumbling block was the leadership at both Texas and Texas A&M. It seems, however, that both schools now want to at least see what the new 10-team Big 12 has to offer.

Iowa State, as a result, could come out in a stronger position financially, with the possibility of doubled television revenues. With the state of Iowa attempting to cut off the ISU athletics department from state funding, this would be a boon that may not have been possible if Colorado and Nebraska did not leave the Big 12, oddly enough.

Nothing is done at this point, at we fully expect to hear conflicting stories throughout the day. But, at this point, the feeling surrounding Iowa State and their situation is much better than just 48 hours ago.