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Time To Get My Hate On: Sporting News College Football 2010 Style

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To some, I come across as a hater about certain topics. If you share that opinion of my writing, then you're going to especially agree when it comes to the newest four-part (for now) series, "Time To Get My Hate On". I decided to bust it out for the College Football preview mags, because typically there is so much material to hate on.

Today, I open with Sporting News, a magazine that is on my shit list year in and year out. I just think there is too much fluff, not enough relevant stats. I'm not one of those guys that just likes stats for stats, but I like it when stats help tell a story. With Sporting News, they give us stuff that doesn't necessarily tie together. The stats they provide for the most part aren't enhancing the story they are telling.

If you've read over the magazine, some of these comments will make sense. I'm not a fan of this magazine, so I have a hard time endorsing the $8 to purchase it, but if you did purchase it, see if you are with me on my gripes.

Here's What I'm Hating On:

  • How are you going to have projected finishes, bowl projections, but NOT have a projected record? They really lack any credibility they may have but not including this.
  • They have ISU finishing 5th in the North, with our stock lowering... But then in our writeup they say the program is on the upswing. Welcome to ISU, where we are on upswings and downswings simultaneously. On a related note, they have Colorado finishing 4th, but with their stock lowering, and KSU 6th but with their stock rising... How does any of this make any sense??
  • They are big on Matt Tau'fo'ou. Outside of his name, I have no idea why Sporting News is talking him up. They could have chosen
  • K-State is the game to watch in their view, and they even called last year's one of the more entertaining games of 2009. First off, we all know practically no-one watched that game. Secondly, that game was so sloppy at times, I wouldn't call it entertaining. Neither team deserved to win that one.
  • How is KU going to finish 2nd in the North and go to the Holiday Bowl? They are coming off 1 conference win, have a new coaching staff, a new QB, and 2 playmaking WRs in Briscoe and Meier. Seems like too much too soon.
  • It's time to get off the Baylor bandwagon. I'm tired of seeing them projected to go to a bowl game. Everyone loves Art Briles and Robert Griffin, but they play in the South, and have TCU in a non-conference game. Just don't see six wins here.
  • I know this is advocating for the Hawks, but how does Team A with a good defense, no QB, and no WRs get ranked 7th, but Team B with a good defense, a better QB, and better WRs get ranked 13th? Seems like both teams should be in the Top 10, or both should be in the teens.

Last Thoughts:

Tough tough schedule. This is obviously the common theme for 2010 that we'll hear over and over and over, but here's what it looks like according to Sporting News. Based on their rankings, ISU will be playing the #7, #9, #10, #13, and #22 teams. In fact, all but two opponents (K-State and obviously UNI), are projected by them to make it to a bowl game this year.

And seriously. If you can read this magazine and avoid paying $8,  do it. They do not even follow their own logic. It's hard to respect projections that contradict themselves.