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NBA Draft In Two Days, Where's Brackins Going?

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Well, the time is almost here. Thursday night marks the date that Cyclone Fans will see which NBA team selects Craig Brackins in the NBA Draft. Here's a quick rundown of where the experts think he will fall:

  • Chad Ford (ESPN) has Brackins going at #26 to the Thunder. He has Craig at #21 among prospects, however.
  • Yahoo! has Brackins going #20 to the Spurs.
  • has Brackins going #22 to Portland.
  • has Brackins at #26 to the Thunder as well.
  • has Brackins going outside of the First Round

Other than, this is good news for Craig. Just a couple months ago, he was going in the first half of the second round. Anywhere in the first round in my mind is good for him. He gets that guaranteed cash, gets to spend a few years on the team.

As far as how Craig will do in the NBA, the jury is out on that. I have watched a lot of NBA, and although I'm not an expert on draft prospects, I wonder how he will do. I think it boils down to how consistent he can hit that jumper. The guy isn't going to be playing 30 minutes a game out the gate. He's going to need to be productive in short stretches to get playing time in the NBA. I could see him spending some time in the D-League. There are handfuls of guys from the first round that went last year. Heck, the #2 overall pick last year spent some time there. Either way good for Craig. The guy worked hard, and looks like he has a solid chance in getting rewarded.

For those wanting to watch it, I believe it's on ESPN, this Thursday at 7pm Eastern/6pm Central.