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Back From Brief Hiatus

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What's up everyone? Many apologizes for having gone dark for about a week. Definitley was not planned, but I did some packing, and moving, and basically it took more time and energy than I had anticipated.

Regardless, I've got a few things to talk about!

45 Days until Kickoff! Can you believe it?! It's still hard to imagine, but it's happening for sure. I've got a lot to talk about to preview, not only ISU's season, but also the Big 12 too. On a personal level, I'm big into predictions, projections, and all of that, so I can't wait to dig in and talk about it. I've done the necessary research and we'll get it going soon.

I can't believe the Royce White haters. I don't care what the rankings say, I really believe that talent-wise, that this guy has the upside to be one of the best we've seen at ISU. He's aggressive, and more physical than some of the fineese guys we've seen in the past. There just aren't a slew of Elite Character AND Elite Talent types of guys. Heck, I think we were pretty fortunate to land one in Brackins. Especially when you consider that we couldn't land one that was the hometown guy!

 In order to get high level talent at Iowa State, you may have to pick up a guy with a less than perfect background. In reality most of us are like that. Something to remember is that this guy was 18 and made some mistakes. I'm all for letting the guy prove that he's learned from those mistakes. I am guessing that there's a high correlation between the group of people that thought Greg McDermott was awesome AND these Royce White haters.

Coaches are making 6 and 7 figures, with the expectations to win. And when you're expected to win, you sometimes have to take some risks with bringing in players. I can't think of a worst-case scenario that has a long term effect on ISU, but I can think of a best-case scenario that has a longer term effect on ISU.

I still haven't played NCAA Football 2011. I've heard it's awesome and I'm jealous. I've secured an Xbox 360 from a friend. Now I've got to get a hold of the game. If you've played it, I honestly want to know how it is, and if it's much different from past years.

Lastly, I've gotta give props to this thread. It has given me some of the funniest reading I've done at least a month or so. I especially love the MNC prediction for 2015:

If I was running Cyclonefanatic, I'd ban some of these guys without hesitation (unless they were under the age of 15 or so). I firmly believe that somebody can be too stupid to be involved in a community, and removing said people improves your community.

On the flip side, as not being involved over there, I enjoy these kinds of posts, and am looking forward to another football season if for nothing else, reading a slew of threads similar to these!