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Where I Come From: How I Became A Fan Of The Iowa State Cyclones

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This is the first part in a series of posts where we will talk about our fandom. Click here for instructions on how to get a chance to win a free copy of NCAA Football 2011. This post is sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011.

The main topic for today is how we became fans of Iowa State. For me, it was pretty straightforward, as it occurred while I was in college as a freshman in 2002. Before moving from the Twin Cities to Ames, I hadn't been much of a college football fan. I didn't dislike it, but I had a hard time getting into it. When you grow up in a pro market, the college teams, unless they do something great, take a backseat to the pros. If you are into football in Minneapolis, you're probably a Vikings or Packers fan, more-so than a Gophers fan. College sports in pro markets are a niche group.

Anyhow, the summer before enrolling at ISU, I ran into some people in the Twin Cities who were back in town over summer break from ISU. They told me that getting season tickets for football and basketball was a must, and how the community really supports the teams. I decided to go for it, as getting an all sports pass was something like $150-$200, and I wasn't going to let a couple hundred bucks interfere with my collegiate experience, so I went home, and got the tickets.

When I moved to Ames in the fall, I still wasn't in the flow with the football season. I didn't even know we were playing Florida State in Kansas City until a couple of days before the game. I was just oblivious to it, and didn't realize that had I planned in advance, I could have gone. Anyhow, I watched on TV, and Seneca Wallace had me hooked. We got off to that great start, beat the Hawks, knocked Nebraska out of the Top 25 (while my NU friend was in attendance), and I just couldn't NOT support the team. I didn't realize 2002 (especially the first half), was an anomaly for the most part. I really thought we'd be really good year in and year out, and most ISU fans were drinking the Kool-Aid there too. I had been a fan ever since that Florida State game and it was firmly solidified when we beat Nebraska. I have never wavered since.

When I reflect back on my first year in college, with trying to figure out what I wanted to study, trying to figure out girls, friendships, etc., sports took the back burner at the time. It really helped that the team was pretty good my first year, or I may not have been on the bandwagon. It sounds bad now, but at the time it was the truth. I know most other students feel that way; just look at their attendance at Men's Basketball games under the McDermott era.

It sounds corny, but if it wasn't for Seneca Wallace, I may not have been as big of an ISU fan as I am now. Over the years I've developed into a diehard. I loved ISU football (and basketball) so much, it's all I wanted to talk about. Unfortunately my friends and family didn't share the same. I got the chance to join, and now manage the site. I really love talking ISU, and this site gives me an outlet to say what I'm feeling along with communicating with other fans.

What about you? How did you become an ISU fan? Were you a student? Did you cheer for the Cyclones in rebellion of your Hawkeye family? I've heard so many stories over the years, but I'd love to hear more!