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Where I Come From: My All Time Favorite Iowa State Team

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Today we continue talking about our fandom. We've discussed why we're all fans of Iowa State, so the next logical step is to talk about our all time favorite team. If you read my post yesterday, you'd be able to guess pretty easily my favorite Iowa State team.

I gotta go with my first love, the 2002 team. As far as ISU goes, this team had a lot to like. Seneca, Danielson, Hobbs, Carstens, and Billups were some of my faves. The season did end in dissapointment, but it was fun for a majority of it.

If I had to go with a second-favorite, it would be the 2004 team. Yeah there were some disappointments, but it's hard to complain about a year when ISU beats Nebraska, and K-State, regardless of how those teams are doing in a particular year. Plus there was the bowl win as well, which put a nice end to the season. There was a lot of youth on that team, as Meyer and Blythe were in their first year, and no one really knew how they would do. Jon Davis, only a sophomore that year, was a very reliable target, an underrated Cyclone in my book. Curvey was just a Soph. as well. Of course having upperclassmen like Dobbins, Hobbs, and Hicks (rushed over 1,000 yards) helped that team a lot, but it was the youth that had me optimistic for the future. 

It was just a fun year. We were coming off an awful year in 2003, and being pleasantly surprised with the success. Yes, the Mizzou game was very tough, but there wasn't a single fan that didn't think we'd be in the North hunt in 2005 as well, and we were (only to be heartbroken yet again). 

But enough about me. I'm curious as to your favorite team. I gotta think with some of you guys being fans for a while that the Peach-Bowl team might be there, along with the 1998 and 2000 teams as well (they would be for me had I been a fan long enough back). Curious to know what you are thinking!

Tomorrow we're going to talk about tailgating traditions.