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Where I Come From: My All-Time Favorite Cyclones

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Favorite Cyclones of all time. For me, in order to even be considered, you gotta go above the job description, on or off the field. We get to see a lot of guys come and go, but it's those certain few that stick in your mind. Outside the obvious choice of Wallace, I'm going to talk about another guy that I really appreciated, and that's Shawn Moorehead.

He's the kind of guy I think of when I think about inspiration, even moreso than Jesse Smith.

Moorehead initially walked on at ISU, earned some clock in 2004, before finally being the starter in 2005 and 2005 at end. The guy worked hard, got it done in the classroom, earned a scholarship, and has the most all-time sacks in ISU history. I'm not going to act like he didn't play alongside some talented guys like Curvey, Parker, Leaders, Berryman (for at least a bit), etc., but the guy still had to make it happen. I'm not saying he was the best linemen in the history, but he's a guy who exemplified what we love about sports. We love it when guys have a chip on their shoulder, work hard, and achieve more than anyone thought was possible. People talk about Jesse Smith a lot, and he gets some props, but I think too many forget about Moorehead. Dude was playing D-1 football, getting academic all-america honors, and majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

I just remember those days when I was in school, watching the Cyclones, and a sack was something that actually happened. We've had such a shortage of defensive line productivity the past few years, it's made me appreciate the good ones we had in the trenches over the years. The early 2000s was very kind to good defensive line play, and hopefully we can reverse the trend.

If I had to continue a list of favorite Cyclones, it would have to also include Seneca, Hobbs, Billups, Dobbins, Danielson, , Reggie Stephens, Tony Yelk, and Mike Brandtner. If LJ and A-Rob continue to do their thing, they'll enter the club as well. Time will only tell.

Who are your favorite Cyclones of all time? Anyone you especially like that nobody really talks about anymore?

Tomorrow we're going to talk about our most memorable moments as Cyclone fans. Should be interesting