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Where I Come From: Most Memorable Cyclone Moments

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This post is sponsored by EA Sports NCAA Football 2011.

If you've been reading me for a bit, you probably know I like lists. I eat them up. I love bullet points, coming up with top 5s, debating them all day long, etc. So because it's Friday, and I know people can only handle so much of my wordiness, I'm going in list mode here.

Below are the Top 5 moments that I personally experienced as an ISU fan.


What could have been! The mystery of the unknown still bothers me at times! I remember barley being a frosh, in my dorm room, watching that game with my roommate. It was so crazy, and we were yelling at the TV long after the game was over!


Kind of an obvious choice here, but this video really shows that kind of guy we have running the show at ISU. People draw the McCarney comparisons all the time. I just hope that whatever happens in the future, things end better for Rhoads than it did for Mac. The game itself was the last time I was screaming at the TV constantly and it turned out to be all good. Too many times I saw the losing end. There I was, in my apartment, alone for most of the day. ISU got lucky, but it's better to be lucky than good sometimes.


Funniest experience ever. Being at that game was hilarious. SO GLAD someone caught all of this on tape! One of the highs in a season of many lows and disappointments


It's so fun to win, when nobody expects you to.


Single most fun play I saw at ISU. Everytime I watch that play, it reminds me of my freshmen year, and my entire college experience.

Honorable mention goes to the 2007 Culbertson FG to beat Iowa 15-12, Iowa State beating K-State in 2004, and Iowa State knocking Nebraska out of the Top 25 in 2002, as my Cornhusker friend was in attendance watching the game. I'm sure Brent Curvey's 65 yard fumble return against Baylor in 2004 would be there too, if I would have seen it!

What about you? What takes the cake? We'll take a break from this series over the weekend, and on Monday, we'll talk about expectations for 2010.