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Depth Charts Are So Overrated

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It may be natural, but when people talk about fall camp, they want to get into the two deeps, see what the position battles are, and things of that nature. Football teams post depth charts throughout the camp, and fans get all excited. Thing is, it doesn't really mean jack in the scheme of things. Want to know where A-Rob was on the depth chart that came out right before the Kent State game in 2007? Not frickin' listed. For real. He didn't really take over until the end of that year, but still.

Below are some things that get kind of annoying:

People mentioning the wide receivers are deep. Guess what? That means NOTHING. All "deep" means in this case is either a) there are a lot of bodies and/or b) the next guy they put in there has similar abilities to the guys out there currently. Neither really say much about what level the guys are performing at. Last year, this unit was probably the worst in the Big 12. In terms of what was expected vs. production on the field, they were the biggest disappointment on the team.

What I do want to know about the wide receivers are: Did they hit the weights? Did they work on getting off of press coverage? Did they improve their downfield blocking?

I haven't seen any discussion about that at all. Wide Receivers are supposed to be crazy athletic. It's the Big 12; dime a dozen in that department.Who cares if we have 8 mediocre guys? Can we trade some of them for 1-2 better than average guys, please?

People wanting to know who the #2 RB will be.  I'm guessing it will be a person, and they will play RB. I don't get why so much talk is spent in this area. On offense, it's our best skill position area in terms of quality and depth. I love A-Rob. Even back in the day when he was on the come-up and people didn't know what he could do. At the same time, he's not Barry Sanders either. If the O-Line can make holes, and if the QB and WRs are improved, all you need is a guy that gets 4-5 yards a carry. Last year it hurt so much when A-Rob went down because we didn't have any backs that fit the system that well, and our QB and WR play sucked to the point where teams could stack 8-9 in the box, because they knew all we could do is run it

People wanting to know who the starters on the D-Line are. Guess what again? This unit was THE WORST in the conference, and barring a miracle, they are going to be towards the bottom again. I'd expect to see 8-10 guys all rotating. When you aren't that good, you just have to give everyone experience, and try to stay fresh. Who cares who starts? Most of these guys are going to get snaps anyhow. I'm not about to sit there and take notes of who's in when though. Just hopefully 1-2 guys standout and surprise in that area. If they do well, we'll see it.

Like I've said, I'm behind on the coverage, but I'm just tired of hearing about things we already know that give us no clue regarding how the team will fare this year.

I'm just ready to get this season crack-a-lackin', so we don't have to spend time guessing what could be happening on the practice field, and reading between the lines on depth chart updates.