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Where We Be Loving Sam Richardson(s) And Jeff Woody

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ISU got a couple of commitments from two Sam Richardsons earlier this week. One a QB, the other a DB. Old news, but hopefully they rock their middle initial on their jersey when they play.  It's pretty cool to see the commitment list up to 10 players now, before we even play our first game. In the past, we'd be lucky to see anybody at this point.

The coveted race for the #2 and #3 RB continues on. For those of you who love Jeff Woody, there's good news for ya'll too. Woody no longer has to pay to go to school, which also means he's going to get some clock this year. 

In other football-related stuff, the CBS Blogpoll has now moved to SB Nation. Over here it can get a lot more exposure. I'll post my preseason poll on Monday just for fun. From there, I'll refrain from voting for the first four weeks out of principle, and make a new poll based entirely on what has happened during the season, and NOT based on my previous preseason poll.

With flooding-related news as it pertains to athletics, it sounds like Hilton will be ready to go in some fashion for basketball season, but women's volleyball will be playing at Ames High.

We're less than two weeks away from the first game. The fun fest is still on as far as I know, this Sunday. Get there, buy some gear, and snatch up some of those $10 tickets to the Northern Illinois game if you don't have a season ticket plan. The week of August 30th, we get into previewing Northern Illinois, and get back into the swing of things. One more "dead" week, and the fun begins.