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A Sunday Tradition During College Football Season: 2010 Blogpoll

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So, in case you do not know, Clone Chronicles participates in a blogpoll. It's a collection of over 100 blogs of virtually every college football team, and we put together a Top 25 poll, which often makes more sense than what the AP or Coaches put together. We rank based on resume, although I think there are some blogs that do not really understand what that means..

In the past, this was hosted by CBS Sports, but this year it has moved to SB Nation. Along with it, it has it's own webpage, along with twitter feed (@blogpolltop25), and facebook fanpage.

So how can we do a preseason poll based on resume you ask? You cannot. I'd much rather wait until Week 4 to start doing the poll, so we can truly rank based on how teams did, as opposed to making modifications to our previous weeks' ballot based on wins and losses. But the cool part is that when I post a poll, I usually do it on Sunday, and then you the reader, have until Tuesday to let me know what you think, and if you have any suggestions. If you sway me, or I realize I messed up, I update the ballot based on your feedback. It's a way to get everyone involved

So what I did, was for the preseason poll, put together how I think the ballot may fare by season's end. I won't be collecting feedback for this one, since it is all guessing, but when Week 4 comes around, I'll definitely be looking to ask.