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One Week Until 2010 Is Underway!

Pretty exciting huh? In exactly one week from today, many of you are going to be heading towards the tailgating lots, while others are going to be anxiously counting down the hours until they head home, and turn on the game on FSN.

There has been quite a chunk of news related to ISU recently. First, is more evidence is that the backup RB race doesn't really matter. Beau Blankenship, a player that the entire coaching staff raved about last year, has decided to walk-on at Ohio U, because it was clear he was not going to be more than a special teams player here. That's right! He's teaming up with Phillip "I believe I'm a QB, even though I'm not" Bates. Still worried about the backup running backs?

Since when did we have the luxury of worrying more about the second unit of our best position, than the first unit of our worst positions? Sagarin had us with the 71st hardest schedule last year, and we just got over .500. I think a lot of my fellow Cyclone fans are going to be in for a wakeup call if they think we're going .500 or better, and are more concerned with the #2 RB than the #1-8 D-Linemen, #1-8 WRs, the QB play, and our #1-6 at LB. 

Also, there's some drama with the punters. At the beginning of fall camp, Paul Rhoads stated that it was Van Der Kamp's job to lose. Well, just yesterday it was announced that they are giving a scholarship to Daniel Kuehl. I'm guessing Van Der Kamp lost the job.  I think a lot of people do not realize how valuable Mike Brandtner was to ISU over the years, and I think we'll have some growing pains and go through times when we'll really miss him. I'm not trying to diss the other guys, but field position is so important, and having a good punter goes a long way, when you are expected to have a so-so defense.

Enough of the downer stuff though! We got real football in a week! A week! What are ya'll doing? I'm probably going to head up to Ames a few hours early, get some express tailgating in, and enjoy the game at the Jack. Anyone playing hooky?