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Five Funny Iowa State Things Online

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It's Fridizay! Actually, it's the last Friday before Iowa State kicks off against Northern Illinois!

Anyhow, I was doing some browsing online and just found some things that were funny... At least to me. I have a weird sense of humor, so if it's just me, it's all good:

1. Comes Courtesy of CycloneFanatic: There is a thread titled "What is going to be new at your Tailgate Sept 2????"

Now before I even clicked on the thread to read it, I immediatley thought of saying your mom. That's right, your mom made it big time, and she's rolling with a player like me! Feel free to easily replace mom with sister, cousin, aunt, grandma, or whatever floats your boat.

2. Comes from the Des Moines Register. I saw online a preview of the 10 page story about the Cyclones in the Sunday paper. First of all, I'm shocked that the register employs anyone capable of writing 10 pages. I mean, I read Randy Peterson all the time and the guy just flat out stinks. But what he'll probably do is enlist a high school kid to write most of the stuff, then he'll "edit" it, throw his name on it, and then buy the kid a pizza...  At least that is what I want to believe.

I mean if you read his stories, they are like 4-5 paragraphs at a time, MAX. Maybe he wrote a story every day of fall camp and waited a month before publishing, and now it will equal 10 pages? Or maybe he'll just start a new paragraph every sentence and that equals 10 pages, but really it's like 1.

3. The next comes from the Gazette about Klein and Knott. Now the story itself is fine, but if you only read the quotes, it is hilarious:

"We spend enough time together" (Knott)

"We've talked about rooming together again next year. We'll see what happens", (Klien)

"I see it as an opportunity" (Klien)

This is the type of stuff I do when I'm bored. Because if you read most of these stories, they are blah blah blah, anyhow, and you gotta find a way to stay entertained when reading it.

4. Nothing to do with Iowa State, I apologize, but hilarious to me: Double-Rainbow man. For reeeal. I know this may be old news to some, but I can't stop watching this over and over. "Double Rainbow all the way across the sky!" "What does it mean??"... Well, I think it means you are tripping on acid or mushrooms, but what do I know?

5. The idea of us losing to Northern Illinois is hilarious! According to fellow SBN Site, Red and Black Attack, they can't decide who is going to be QB between 3 guys!  Upsets are hard, especially night games on the road, when you do not have a leader at QB. I know NIU is supposed to have this awesome defense, but if they can't move the ball offensivley, they aren't going to do jack anyhow!