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What To Expect From Clone Chronicles This Football Season

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Well, it appears I am doing the football coverage pretty much solo again this year. Hopefully I can write enough to satisfy everybody. I just wanted to touch base my general posting schedule for football season, so you know what to expect. We're only 6 (freaking) days away from the first game of the season! So if you aren't pumped right now, then you have something wrong with you!

So here it goes:

Monday: Go over injuries, media coverage, news. Coach's teleconference is usually on this day, so I talk about that if something interesting comes up. I poke around and see what the other team teams are saying about Iowa State.

Tuesday or Wednesday: I'll try to write provide insider's preview of ISU's opponent. Since we're playing so many good teams, it will be pretty easy, as 11 of ISU's opponents this year have SBN sites. Typically I'll ask 5 questions or so about the team, and I'll post what they write on here.

Thursday: Preview of matchup on Saturday

Friday: Pretty open. Discuss other college football games I'm looking forward to that weekend, or writing about something random, or taking a day off. Just depends.

Saturday Pregame/In Game: Provide a gamethread for us to discuss the game while it's happening. I go to most home games, so my involvement is typically limited there, but for road games, I generally participate.

Saturday Postgame: After the game is wrapped up, I write a brief recap of the game, which sometimes gets emotional. It's short, and to the point, and the comments are then open for you to do the same as I. Basically a way to vent or celebrate, depending.

Sunday Morning: Write a more analytical wrapup of the game, if it is necessary. If I'm still ticked about the game, I'll just pass that part over, lol.

Sunday Afternoon: I bust out my draft blogpoll ballot for the week, along with my Heisman Top 5 (new this year), along with other thoughts about general college football.

Then on Monday, it starts all over again.

Now, you may be wondering how the coverage is going to work for this first game, as we're playing on Thursday. My idea here is to provide media coverage and other news on Monday,  an insider's preview on Tuesday if the writer of Red And Black Attack agrees to, and my preview on Wednesday. Thursday I'll have the gamethread posted in the AM, where people can discuss their excitement towards the game, and I'll stay up late to write an immediate reaction to the game. Friday, I'll write something more meaningful if it is warranted, and preview Week 1 matchups on Saturday. From Sunday and on, it follows the schedule above. Hopefully that makes sense.

I do sometimes get bored with the grind and mix stuff up to try and keep things fresh, just so you know.

I'm looking forward to the season, and I'll do the best I can to give you something new every day, or almost every day!