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ISU media day in Ames was yesterday. It's a chance for the local media to interview the players and coaches, and dig a little deeper (but only a little) than what gets talked about at Big 12 media day.

I think we did get to pick up some tidbits of information that previously weren't mentioned:

  • David Sims is suspended for the Northern Illinois game. Not a big shocker there.
  • T.J. McCullough (ATH, 3 star), Dentrell Pate (LB, 2 star), and Jevoury Wedderburn (ATH, 2 star) did not qualify academically.
  • Bo Williams had knee surgery and will not participate in fall camp. Doesn't bode well for the Bo Williams Fan Base - Cyclonefanatic chapter.... But neither did signing RBs that will be ahead of him on the depth chart as well.
  • From Wally Burnham, he talked about the linebacking corps having some freshmen that may go in and contribute (namely, Jeremiah George), and talked about the defense being more aggressive than they were last year.
  • Although Paul Rhoads has said Arnaud has been the most improved guy from the offseason, I'm expecting LJ to make a run for that. From all accounts, this guy is ready to take the next step, be the shut-down corner he's capable of being, and hopefully we see him on an All-Big 12 list before his career is done at ISU. The tough part is when your D-Line can't get pressure on the QB, it screws over your secondary.

As far as players go, guys are more relaxed at these things and kind of goofy. You get interviews like "who's the better roommate" and things like that.  Shows a little bit of their personalities more, and you get reminded these are college kids, not professional athletes, with a lot of maturing to do. In this state, I think people lose sight of that sometimes since we don't have an NFL team. 

Today is the first day of fall camp, and later I'll post some thoughts on it.