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How Do Cyclones Fans Feel About Cy-Hawk Day Before It?

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Alright, so all this week, I just haven't been fired up the same way I usually am during this week. Stepping back and thinking about it, it's the combination of a few things:

1. We got blown out last year and both teams return a lot of the same guys

2. We haven't scored a TD against Iowa in 14 quarters

3. D-Bags like Matt "Creighton Side of Things" Perrault spend their time talking about the series ending, moreso than talking about the positives of it, or trying to hype up the game. In my opinion, local sports guys should be hyping up big local games and getting fans excited, instead of talking about the series ending. Has anyone on record said the series will end? I myself have questioned the long term viability of it, but don't overshadow the game for all of that talk. That's stuff to discuss during the offseason

Expectations are rock bottom and local media is shitting all over this game, is another way of putting it. Just hard to really get excited or to really get pumped for this.

Until today, to be honest. I woke up today, and was like "damn, the game is tomorrow!". I just want to get through these next 30 hours or so and watch this. It's really a no lose situation for the Cyclones anyhow. You lose, it's expected. You win, it's a bonus.

Like I've said before, I want to see a Cyclones TD, and I would like to see the game close in the 4th quarter. 

What about you? What are your feelings about the game today vs. earlier in the week?