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It’s New Years Eve And I Am Exhausted!

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Fellow Cyclones,  what a crazy and exhausting year it has been. Christmas shopping (recruiting) started just after the bowl game this year when Shontrelle Johnson proclaimed that he would be a Cyclone. I have to admit, January has recently not been an exciting month to be a fan but it just felt different this time.


Feeling as though I had banked a bargain at a Christmas in July sale I cruised through another non tournament March for the mens basketball team. Any time I felt low I would just hit play on the Rhoads locker room speeches and remember that Black Friday (spring football) was just around the corner.


Black Friday went beautifully. The weather was great and the beer was cold. The Cyclones were catching balls, making tackles and being physical.  Shopping was going great. Rhoads and crew were stocking players like it was a McCarney October and then the snow storm came.


Rumblings from all directions, twitters, emails, web posts and interviews were indicating that the landscape of college football was going to change drastically. I soon tired of shoveling and tuned out all of the noise choosing to only listen to what Pollard said.  Jamie spoke infrequently but confidently and I was sure that everything was going to be fine.


We avoided the Blizzard and the snow was melting. It was two weeks before Christmas (opening game) and I was steadily growing more confident that our team would not disappoint. A few last minute gifts were added including a set of twins and I gathered the family for a Thursday Christmas we won’t forget.


The day after Christmas I quietly analyzed my team and dared to look ahead to see what the new year (big twelve season) was going to bring. I reviewed how others Christmases went and felt once again that the national press had underestimated our chances at another successful season.


One team that I did not have to analyze was our next opponent. The fan base for them has no problems telling us how successful they are going to be whether we ask them or not. They are everywhere. They inundate the local press, taverns, Wal-marts, and police blotters. According to them we have no chance. I’m glad they are so confident.


I believe in my team and yes I’m proud to be a Cyclone. I am also tired. This has been an exciting year so far but I am ready to see the future. Sure, tomorrow when the ball drops we will all make resolutions to be nice to each other and cheer each others teams on as the real games begin. How many of us will have our fingers crossed behind our backs when we make that promise?


Happy New Year everybody and Go Cyclones!!!