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Iowa State 7, Iowa 35: A Lesson In Getting Pwned

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I never thought I'd see a Cy-Hawk game in which Iowa was fired up and Iowa State was subdued, but that's exactly what happened today. Iowa State was not smart and was not physical. In fact, it probably was one of the more embarrassing efforts the Cyclones have had in some time. There's a lot you cannot control in sports, but you can control your approach and how hard you play. As a fan, I expect much better.

Last year, this game was about the turnovers costing the game. This year it was not. Iowa State didn't turn the ball over until they were down 28-0, so nobody can blame it on that.

Let's be honest here. If you're a Cyclone fan, you're pretty accustomed to losing. It's a way of life, especially with footall. The thing that will bother me to no end, isn't the fact we lost, but the fact the team played like a bunch of softies. I didn't see any good blocks, and I don't even recall a hard hit on defense to be honest. If you're going to get pwned on the defensive line, fine, but those linebackers and secondary have to pop somebody on those 8 yard runs, and those 20 yard catches. You have to punish the guy for getting those yards. On offense, our WRs are too soft. I saw "Money" Reynolds on a couple of running plays just stand around instead of putting a hit on somebody. Playing hard just didn't happen for a majority of these guys. It's a team sport, and if the 11 guys on the field aren't playing hard, then the team isn't playing hard.

Losing Stephens to graduation and Haughton to bad decision making, is going to hurt this team more than most were talking about this offseason. Hicks and Burris were already struggling on the right side, and today we saw Osemele, Alverez, and Lamaak struggle at times as well.

Going into the season, we were told that LJ and Arnaud were completely different players, yet I saw the same Arnaud as the past, and an LJ that was getting burned all day.

Iowa is a good team, but they looked like the freaking New Orleans Saints today. Not sure if they're that good. but this game was just completley different from last year. Last year, we ran for almost 200 yards, and it was those 6 turnovers that really killed us. Game didn't feel like a blowout at all. This game, was just an old fashioned butt whooping. It was over before we kicked off. I expected a loss, but not complete domination.

The team didn't show up, and that isn't acceptable at all.

The only positive I saw was the kick returning from Shontrelle Johnson. Two great returns but the offense could not capitalize. I guess I saw my TD as well, but that was our 1st O against the 2nd D in garbage time.

I hope the boys get after it this week, because this matchup next week is going to make or break the season, in my opinion.