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Clone Chronicles Takes A Look At The Nation: 2010, Week 2

Denard Robinson. Straight Balling!
Denard Robinson. Straight Balling!

Trying to figure out a cool title that is full of words that people Google. Still working on it I guess, but this is the post where I talk about the world of college football. Why do I do this? Because I spend a lot of time watching other games, and I know those of you out there do too!

Random Thoughts From This Weekend:

Denard Robinson Is Tearing It Up. Dude is tearing it up like Seneca Wallace! (All Cyclone Fans randomly talk about Seneca Wallace you know!). Seriously though, I'm impressed with the guy. They haven't played against a good defense yet, but the bandwagon is getting started up for this young man!

"The Play Defense In The South". A quote by Bobby Bowden on Gameday.... I guess Florida State, Tennessee, Georgia Tech, and Miami are not located in the South, although Georgia, South Carolina, 'Bama, Arkansas, and LSU are! Congrats!

Holy 987 Yards Of Combined Offense! Wake vs. Duke was a barn-burner! Wake Forest put up 500 yards of offense, and Duke put up a lousy 487 yards! Is North Carolina the south? Bobby Bowden says "hell nah!".

Equally Impressive (But In A Different Way) As Above: Michigan and Notre Dame combined for 1067 yards of offense, yet scored only about half the points of the Wake vs. Duke game.

James Madison Is Better Than Boise State! Boise State barely beats VA Tech. James Madison holds the lead for almost the entire 4th quarter. Therefore, by the transitive property, James Madison is better than Boise! Math is never wrong, especially the transitive property. Probably the most valuable thing I learned in high school geometry!

North Dakota State Is Better Than Georgia Tech! More transitive property. Don't hate the math skills!

Tim Brewster Will Be Lucky To Survive The Entire Season. Losing to South Dakota at home is one thing. Losing to South Dakota while allowing 41 points, and 444 yards, is an entirely different thing! The Gophers have USC next week. That one should be fun......

Big 12 Power Rankings:

Ranking the Big 12 teams based on power (who would beat who at a neutral site at this point):

1. Oklahoma - Finally we saw the ability most knew the Sooners were capable of.

2. Texas - Definitely beatable, but gotta show up to do it

3. Texas A&M - Drinking the Kool-Aid hard on these guys until they undoubtly prove me wrong

4. Nebraska - Hard to know what they've got. WKU and Idaho are embarrasing opponents from a supposed Top 10 team. If you want to play one of those teams, fine. But 2? Seriously? At least they play a real opponent next week in Washington.

5. Texas Tech - Tuberville hasn't screwed up the offense. Bravo! Let's see how they do against Texas next week.

6. K-State - I know UCLA is down, but was a bit suprised with the final score in that one. Followed up last week with another decent win this week. It will be a challenge for ISU this upcoming weekend.

7. Missouri - After slow start, they are starting to get-going

8. Baylor - Robert Griffin sounds like he's bounced back. Big test this weekend.

9. Oklahoma State - Almost lost to Troy, but can put up points consistently. That's better than teams 10-12.

10. Iowa State - Have said all I can think of. Yesterday sucked.

11. Colorado - Horrid showing after a decent win in Week 1. Cal is probably excited about CU joining the conference

12. Kansas - Good performance after embarrasing loss to NDSU. Hopefully ISU will follow suit against K-State next week


Now, I said I wasn't going to do the Blogpoll until after Week 4. Well, I'm sticking with that, but in the meantime I will post my Top Five teams in my mind:

1. Oklahoma - Straight Balling, against an athletic FSU team, after looking like crap the previous week

2. Ohio State - I am big on Miami. Ohio State didn't play perfectly, but did better offensively than I expected

3. TCU - Oregon State is a quality program, and that was a nice win. They rolled a cupcake which is nice to see from a team you're ranking high. Games against Baylor next week, and @ SMU the following week will tell us more about this squad.

4. Alabama - I don't think they will end the season here, but it's a very talented team

5. Oregon - Straight Balling. Showed they can take their offense and play against a team in the best defensive conference in a hostile environment. Pac 10 will have plenty of tests, but this team has legit talent.

Considered: Boise State, Iowa, Florida, Texas

(Way Too Early) Heisman Watch:

Players I'd Consider At This Point In The Season:

1. Denard Robinson, QB, Michigan. Michigan is 2-0, he has an 67% completion percentage, has 455 rushing yards, and 430 passing yards. He put up 502 yards combined just this week. I'm just glad he's a heck of a player! I have a general rule which states if you have deadlocks, you must be a great player, otherwise stop rocking them. Deadlocked players who suck are such posers!

2. Kellen Moore, QB, Boise State. Might have the iciest veins in the nation. Dude just handeled his biz against VA Tech. He's also one of the Five Best QBs in the Nation in my opinion

3. Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina. Led South Carolina with a big win over Georgia, and dude is hard to bring down. As long as South Carolina keeps running the ball and winning, this guy has to be in the conversation.

4. LaMichael James, RB, Oregon. Had one of the best runs I've seen in college football, with a 72 yard scamper against Tennessee. It's only 1 game, and half of his yards were off of 1 run, but the guy has serious ability. He missed the first game of the year, due to suspension, but I'm guessing we'll see a lot more great runs from him. The guy rushed for 1500 yards and 14 TDs in 2009.

If I didn't list your guy here, no worries! It's mad early and way too early to talk about Heisman for real anyhow!