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We all knew in the back of our minds that the results yesterday were probable. Iowa played like a top ten team. Will you be surprised if we have similar scores against Texas and Oklahoma? I won't. The Iowa loss usually hurts the most each year because our expectations are typically the highest going into this game.

Listen to me, Iowa State is not a bad football team. Iowa State is also not a top ten football team. That takes years under a successful coach to achieve. Next week our real season begins. We play a salty Kansas State team that is on a roll. We have enough play makers to defeat them. Kansas States defense is not Iowas. Kansas States offense is not Iowas. Austen Arnaud played horribly yesterday. Most quarterbacks will play that way against Iowa. 

Iowa State is building a program. Sometimes match ups expose our biggest weaknesses and this was evident yesterday. Our team is good enough to disguise these weaknesses against some opponents(hopefully six of them). We have to win these types of games and that is where good coaching comes into play. Recruiting will fill in those weaknesses but it doesn't happen over night.

Listen to me, This team needs your support today more than it did yesterday. A fired up fan base in Kansas City and some positive message board banter this week next week will go a long ways. I hope you all realize how special last years season was. It took a very ordinary team to extraordinary levels. That can happen again this year. Forget about yesterday, think about tomorrow.