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It's Farmageddon 2010! Are You Excited?

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No getting around it, this is a huge week for this football team. If anyone out there believes ISU can get to 6 wins, this is a must win. Regardless of what happens, we will play against a team closer to our level, and at a lot of positions a similar caliber to Iowa State.

But I want to pause from analysis for the game, as we will get to that later in the week. What I'd like to discuss mostly is farmageddon itself. I really think this should be the game that Iowa State fans get more excited about. I know I do. Main reason is because K-State isn't all that different from Iowa State in terms of their institutions, and even sports sucess if you look at the last 40-50 years as opposed to just the last few.

For me, I'm not sure what it is, but I'll openly admit I have not found a K-State fan that I got along with. I just haven't. I've encountered some almost every year at either Jack Trice, Hilton, or both, and it just never went well. I can't explain it, but it's weird when I get along with Hawk and Husker fans better than Wildcat fans. I am not going down to Kansas City, and it's for the betterment of both fanbases.

As far as their team goes, I have no issues. I don't even hate purple, as I'm a Minnesota Vikings fan. It's just that as a fan, when you're going to the games, you are interacting with opposing fans sometimes. I think it's interesting, especially in college football, how one's opinion of a program is based on how they get along with fans of that program, but that's exactly the case. With K-State, I remember the d-bags that sat next to me in football and basketball and everytime I think of K-State, I think of those bad interactions, instead of the team itself.

Either way, it's a game to get fired up about. The way it ended last year sucked, and K-State is a better team this year than last. It's my hope that ISU bounces back from the crapfest that was last Saturday, so that everyone's trip down to Arrowhead is enjoyable. I'll get more into the makeup of these teams on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Are you excited for the game?