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Kansas City Here I Come - Put An Extra Brisket On For Me

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Is it Friday yet? I've been dieting properly all week so I won't feel guilty eating in the best barbecue town in America. That's right: Kansas City. Friday night I will be in a big rush to hit the pep rally so my taste buds will have to wait until the festivities are over . Sure, I'll sip  on a few Boulevard frosties to keep from being famished but once Cy has conducted the fight song for the final time I will be cruising over to Brooklyn Avenue for some of those famous Gates burnt ends.

I really have a hard time describing the flavor. When you first bite into this delicacy you are introduced to a charred crunchy sensation. This is followed by a smoky flavor that heightens your senses. You begin to chew and  the smoke mixes perfectly with the tender still moist meat and euphoria begins. The peppery sauce then kicks in pushing you into a food coma that is only disturbed by the urge to repeat the process. Is it Friday yet?

Saturday morning will begin with a quick jaunt to the Waffle House. I don't what it is about this simple format of a restaurant but I have to stop whenever I overnight in Kansas City. Could it be the steaming hot coffee, the fact that I actually get to see them freshly prepare my food or is it just the awesome buttery waffles? I'll try and hold myself to just the coffee and waffle because I will need to get to the lots and imbibe  a few with my Cyclone Brethren.

Hopefully the fans will represent ISU at the stadium Saturday and the rain will hold off until after the game. I'm sure Rhoads and Company will have the team ready to go and we should see a high scoring affair. I have never been to a bowl game so I am looking forward to seeing ISU in this post season like atmosphere. Enough about the game, that is for a later in the week post. Lets talk more about KC BBQ.

I will hold off on eating outside the stadium as anything I can make on a three square foot grill would be an insult to the KC BBQ gods. I will have to nibble on something once inside but it will be standard stadium fare. Saturday's feast will occur on the way home. Once the game clock runs down and I witness another Cyclone victory I will make my way to the lots for a celebratory beverage with the fans. I will then hop back to the highway for another round of Gates BBQ. The way home food will consist of ham, coleslaw and Gates fries. If my game day plan went properly I will now have just enough room in the cooler for some pork, beef and potato salad. These items will be my dinner Saturday night as I flop into the lazy-boy and sleep/watch/dine my way through the Iowa game.  Kansas City, here I come. Hope to see you there. Go Cyclones.