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Farmageddon 2010: Holy Awesome K-State Videos!

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It's Fridizay! Game is tomorrow. Here are some "awesome" K-State videos:




All I know is this: They love trains, purple, and low budget graphics.

A few other facts about K-State: They enjoy telling ISU how much we suck. Guess what?

1. K-State is the third FBS team to reach 600 losses all time. The other two are Northwestern and Indiana. Now, Iowa State is getting close to 600 all time losses as well, but they beat us to the mark! All of that despite having a decade of success!

2. Iowa State leads the all time series with a 49-40-4 record. The teams are 3-3 in the last 6 meetings.

3. It isn't the late 90s/early 2000s. They were good for a decade, but they haven't been good for nearly a decade either.

Hope everyone has fun in KC, and that the Cyclones show up to play tomorrow!